Santa’s Village in Napapiiri

Santa’s village is situated in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. It is been there over 50 years and it’s located in the Arctic Circle. The ways to get there is by plane, bus, car or train.

It is a popular tourist destination for tourists around the world and it is open every day of the year and it is free. Over 300 000 tourists visit it every year. Especially in December and January it is full of tourists, so it might take some time and patience to meet Santa Claus. The Santa Claus can speak many different languages, so it makes communication easy for foreign tourists.


The village is big and it also has Santa’s own post office, restaurants and of course Santa Clause himself. Also souvenir shops are popular in that area and there can be bought different hand made things. Near the village is a big inside amusement park called Santa Park and it is full of different rides and magical atmosphere. You can even have your wedding there!The village sells different kinds of trips, for example snowmobile rides, husky rides, ice castle trips, gold panning and reindeer rides.


For most of the tourists the trip to the Santa’s village is once in a lifetime experience because it is such a magical world. But still sometimes the cold weather is too much for the tourists, for example this year there were a time when it was over -30 degrees! All of the staff in restaurants and shops speaks different languages so it is comfortable to the tourists.

                                                                                                   Saana Pentikäinen



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