Pilgrimage route in Finland

In Finland one of the most important pilgrimage routes is shared between the Catholic, Orthodox and Lutheran Church and it is made to honour the Saint Henry who came to Finland to spread the Catholic religion and was killed by a farmer called Lalli in 1158.


                                                  A legendary photo of Lalli killing Saint Henry

The annual pilgrimages started in 1950 and they are held every year in the 2nd Sunday of June. It starts from Turku Cathedral where the participants are blessed and it ends in Lake Köyliö, where Saint Henry was killed.

400px-Köyliön_kirkko_4                                                  Köyliö Church where the pilgrimage walk ends

The first part is from Turku to Yläne and then the rest of the route goes to Lake Köyliö with small stops to local churches and cemeteries. On the last day a huge mass for Saint Henry is held in Kirkkokari. The whole pilgrimage takes 6 days and the whole Saint Henry’s way is about 140 kilometers long.

 The participants only need a small bag for their belongings and all of the other things are carried by bus to the accommodation, so they can fully focus to the pilgrimage.

The price for the whole trip is 200 euros, including accommodation, transportation bak to Turku, food, prayer moments everyday. Normally there are around 20 participants, mostly from the nearby areas of Turku, but last year there were even someone from Sweden. They are trying to advertise it more and get the participants all over Finland.


                                                                                                                                                Saana Pentikäinen



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