Los Roques archipelago, two different worlds in the same place


Los Roques is a Venezuelan island chain in the middle of the Caribbean Sea where time stands still.  The first impression on getting there is to have found a piece of paradise. I visited Los Roques a few years ago, and it remains my best experience as a tourist.  Everything there is tipical: the landscape, the people, the music, the food, …  It is  a place where you will not find any huge hotel complex but small and quiet pensions that do not contrast with the natural state of the islands. 

However, one striking contrast is the one between the inhabitants’  living conditions and the tourists’, with the coexistence of nice and recently renovated pensions and the fishermen’s dilapidated houses in Gran Roque, the only inhabited island of the archipelago. The two seem to cohabit with no problem but we can wonder for how long, since an increasing number of fishermen affected by poverty are leaving their current occupation. They try to take advantage of tourism development in order to obtain better living conditions.

The archipelago of  San Roque boasts with a large range of activities for tourists such as scuba diving, fishing, …, and also provides the oportunity to rent boats from a few hours to several days to discover the 50 islands and 300 sandbancs of Los Roques.

And for a unique experience, Los Roques Cientist Foundation launched a program called “Adopt a Turtle“, in order to promote the conservation of endangered species.



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  1. rmoraos · febrero 29, 2012


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